The coast and the beach

The sea and Taormina are always mentioned together and represent one of the town’s most salient features. In the past, the bays succeeding each other along the spectacularly beautiful coast, sheltered the local fishermen’s boats, but today are much appreciated tourist destinations, both in the summer and in the winter. The views and sunsets one enjoys from these bays are breathtaking and have inspired some of the most beautiful stories in literature or films. Both tourists and locals visit these environmentally pleasurable beauty-spots assiduously. All of them are easy to reach and enjoy.

The sea from Taormina

Some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy


The beach of Villagonia is a natural gulf, carved out of rock and gravel, bordered by the white, fine sand of the Naxos Gardens and is just beneath Taormina, very close to the Taormina-Giardini railway station.

Isola Bella

The Isola Bella beach is a natural oasis of exceptional beauty, ensconced just beneath Taormina. The beach is made up of gravel and pebbles and there are various bathing establishments and restaurants, as well as a free section, that leads to the island. The sea is intensely blue and so clear and transparent, that one can see the sea-bed. The bay surrounds the famous islet, covered by luxuriant, autoctonous, Mediterranean vegetation. At the top of the isle, there is a splendid residence. Isola Bella has been a natural reserve since 1998.


The beach of Mazzarò is in one of the most lovely and evocative coves on the Ionian coast. There are pebbles and gravel and the turquoise, transparent water is suddenly very deep near the shore-line. One can hire boat-rides here to explore the grottoes of the area.


The beach of Spisone is in the bay of Taormina, and there are a lot of bathing establishments providing umbrellas, deck-chairs or lilos, etc., but there are also stretches of free beach. There are a series of interesting rocky islets scattered across the bay. The beach is gravelly and the water is of medium depth.